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Advanced Islamic Studies Program- Fall 2019

Dr. Asif Hirani

September 9th – December 12th

Day/Time: M/W/F 7:15 PM - 8:30 PM

Age limit: 14 and up


Course Description


This course encompasses core Islamic Principles addressing subjects such as Fundamentals of Fiqh, Tafsir & Hadith.

Usul-al-Fiqh (أصول الفقه):

  • An exposition of the methods by which the rules of Fiqh are deduced, covering the sources for Islamic law, rules of interpretation, commands and prohibitions, consensus of opinion, and abrogation.

  • Will also dive into the history of fiqh.

  • Will also discuss legal maxims (القواعد الفقهية).

  • Will also discuss manners of disagreements in Fiqh (أدب الإختلاف في الفقه).

  • Will also discuss objective of Shariah (مقاصد الشريعة)

Usul-al-Tafsir – overview of the science of interpretation of the Qur’an (علوم القرآن) and history of Tafsir (تاريخ التفسير).

Usul-al-Hadith – providing an overview of the Hadith sciences including discussions on hadith terminology (مصطلحات), criticism of the hadith in modern times and an overview of the text of Imam Nawawi’s compilation.



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Jazakum Allahu Khairen

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