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Job Title: Resident Imam 

About Worcester Islamic Center (WIC)

The WIC is one of the largest Islamic centers in North America. WIC is in Worcester, Massachusetts, about 40 miles west of Boston, MA. There is approximately 10,000+ Muslims in Worcester and its surrounding areas. About 1000 Muslims attend our weekly Jumu’ah salat and over 4000 people attend Eid prayers. 

In addition to conducting daily and Friday prayers, we organize a variety of activities such as weekly classes, halaqas for adults, open house, youth programs, da’wah, community service programs, and the like. We are especially blessed to have 3 schools in our premise, a full time Islamic School from PreK to 8th Grade, Weekend School, and a daily, after-school Hifz and Nazara program. In addition, the center is active in social services, interfaith, and has a funeral home that has been serving the community for almost 15+ years now. The center also has a commercial grade kitchen and cafeteria to prepare and serve food to the community. In Ramadan, the center serves over 300 daily Iftars on weekdays and over 500 iftars on weekends.  We are looking for a quintessential Imam who can help us take the center to the next level by working cohesively with the whole Greater Worcester community, inviting all Muslims to the center while ensuring that the current mussalis are enlightened with knowledge!

Our Mission

The WIC aims to become one of the leading Islamic Centers in North America in educational programs, social services, youth leadership and empowerment, and interfaith activity. We envision our self as a hub of knowledge and a beacon of enlightenment for our next generation. As such, we are looking for a highly motivated Imam that has the zeal and motivation to help us achieve our vision.


Imam’s Qualifications:
  • The Imam is expected to have the following religious qualifications: 

    • Comprehensive understanding of Islam

    • Degree in Islamic Studies from an accredited University.

    • The ability to properly recite the Quran including basic understanding of tajwid rules

    • Having a portion of the Qur’an memorized

    • Deep understanding of the different schools of Islamic jurisprudence (Madhhab)

  • The imam is expected to have the following personal qualifications: 

    • Fluent in the English language

    • Good communication skills both spoken and written

    • Ability to deliver an organized and concise lecture or sermon (e.g., Jumu’ah khutbah)

    • Ability to follow up on important issues and bring it to closure with the help of the board and the executive committee.

    • Ability to work closely with the various team members involved in managing the Worcester Islamic Center

    • Prior experience at a leading Islamic center in the US, Canada, or Europe with at least 5 years of experience as an Imam, Assistant Imam, or Resident Scholar



  • It is highly desirable for the Imam to have the following religious qualifications: 

    • Advanced knowledge of comparative fiqh. This should include understanding of the differences of opinions and practices among different schools of fiqh.

    • Comprehensive knowledge of the Seerah of the Prophet (PBUH)

    • Acquainted with Hadith and its degrees of authenticity and collection and usage.

    • Deeper understanding of Aqeedah and how modern-day Philosophies and doubts can impact belief of our future generation.  

  • It is highly desirable for the Imam to have the following Personal qualifications: 

    • Adequate knowledge of the Arabic language (spoken and written)

    • Exposure to various cultures and ethnicities (e.g., India, Pakistan, Turkey, Saudia, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, etc.)

    • Experience managing youth groups and understanding the current challenges they face

    • U.S. Citizen or permanent resident with minimum of 3 years residency in the USA


Additionally, it is desirable for the Imam to have experience in the following areas: 

  • Organizing seminars and lectures 

  • Shariah Complaint Inter-faith forums and building healthy relationships with other communities 

  • Pre-marital and marital counseling 

  • Conflict resolution 

  • Working successfully with masjid Boards and Executive committee

Job Description

Following is an outline of the responsibilities and duties of the Imam.

Specific Duties:
  • Worship:

    • Lead / Organize the daily prayers at the Masjid.

    • Deliver Jumu’ah and Eid Khutbah except when there is a guest, Khatib. 

    • Offer janazah services and burial assistance.

  • Educational:

    • Organize and conduct at least 3 weekly halaqas on various Islamic topics. 

    • Particularly: organize and conduct the Friday night halaqa

    • Work with the youth to educate them and attract them to the Masjid 

    • Help in organizing monthly seminars at the center through local and guest speakers

    • Provide advice and assistance to the full-time Islamic schools     

  • Social:

    • Provide office hours for the members of the community

    • Help with reconciliation efforts as needed

    • Provide matrimonial and divorce counseling and services

    • Participate in the larger community activities to improve interfaith and public relations of Muslims with the larger community

    • Organize programs for new Muslims

  • Organizational:

    • Report to the WIC Board of Directors with dotted line to the President

    • Coordinate with the WIC Executive Committee (EC)

    • Act as a religious authority for other WIC activities

General Duties and Expectations:
  • The Imam is expected to work 40 hours a week. During Ramadan, Eid, and other special occasions, duties may require additional hours

  • The Imam is expected to maintain regular and convenient office hours at the Masjid to be available to members of the community for consultation and guidance

  • The Imam is expected to continuously work on improving his religious knowledge and personal skills

  • The Imam shall interact with all persons and organizations, Muslim, and non-Muslim, in a manner that reflects positively on Worcester Islamic Center

  • The Imam shall conduct himself at all times in ways that foster unity and a sense of inclusion among all members of the local Muslim community and promote broad participation in community activities

  • The Imam shall not discriminate against any Muslim based on Islamic school of jurisprudence (madhhab), gender, race, national or ethnic origin, citizenship or immigration status, political affiliation, class, or economic status

  • The Imam shall adhere to the Bylaws of Worcester Islamic Center and the policies set by its Board of Directors (BoD)

  • The Imam shall conduct himself at all times in a manner that is respectful of the local Muslim community and must show sensitivity to the needs of the local population.

  • Support educational and extracurricular programs

Imam’s rights:
  • The Imam shall receive his salary in an accurate and timely fashion

  • The Imam is entitled to a 2- or 3-weeks yearly vacation that should be taken after consulting with the board

  • The Imam is entitled to a 2-week Hajj or Umrah leave if he decides to go to Hajj

  • The center will support the Imam in his efforts to improve his Islamic and personal knowledge within the center’s available means

How to Apply

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit a cover letter, resume, 3 references with phone numbers and a statement addressing the items listed in the job description to

  • Facebook
  • YouTube

248 East Mountain Street
Worcester, MA 01606

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