Ramadan 2022


Please join us for Tahajjud every night starting Wednesday night, which is the 20th night of Ramadan. Tahajjaud will be from 1:00AM to 2:00AM. We will continue to read along with the same Quran reading as taraweh.

Ramadan daily timing sheet:

The daily prayer Ramadan timings are listed to the right. We also have attached as a PDF the daily prayer times for Ramadan. Please download it and save a copy for yourself.


Isha will be prayed 5 min after Isha Adhan followed by Taraweh. We will pray 8 rakah of taraweh this year and then Witr salah.


Zakat ul Fitr

Please use this button to pay your zakat ul fitr. For 2022, because of high food prices, the $ equivalent of zakatul fitr between $12 and $30. Please pay according to what you can afford

Gender interaction for Kids

Dr. Asif recently recorded a special series this Ramadan for kids. This series goes over gender interaction in a kid-friendly way to understand topics like Mahram and Awra amongst other topics. Please take some time to watch this series with your children this month. To access the playlist, please click on this link: 


We plan on finishing the reading of the Quran on the 27th night of Ramadan. This is subject to change depending on how the recitation during the month goes iA.​



We will be holding a Ramadan4kids program for ages between 4-7 year olds on the weekends from each Friday to Sunday in Ramadan. To sign up please click on the button below.

Itqaan School:

Please join the Itqaan School for their Ramadan kids program at 6pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. They will go over various lessons and virtues on fasting. This is for ages 6-14. Please click on button to join