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Sisters at WIC

The WIC sisters group aims to bring sisters from the community together over various masjid related activities for women. These activities include Islamic education, children's activities, health & fitness, socializing, and more.

Current Programs

Arabic Sisters Halaqah

Join the sisters halaqa in Arabic on Fridays 6-7pm in the prayer hall

 ننتظر مشاركتم في حلقة السيدات يوم الجمعة باللغة العربية بالمصلى من الساعه ٦-٧ مساء

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WIC Sisters Hiking

Join your WIC Sisters for hiking on Sunday OR Saturday mornings! Any sister is welcome to join (preferably 13yrs+). Just bring a water bottle and good hiking shoes. Sign up and join the group below. 

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Sisters Swimming at YMCA

Introducing ladies only swimming at the Greendale YMCA! Cost is $15 for non-members. Free babysitting and swim lessons available for an additional fee.

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Sisters Quran Class

Come improve your Qur'anic recitation and study tafsir with Sr Rehab and Sr Halima. Sisters at any level can join the class on Saturdays at 2pm upstairs on the WIC Balcony.

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Sisters Hifdh class

Sisters (ages 14+) are invited to join our sisters only hifdz class. We have several instructors with ijaza ready to help you on your journey to memorize the Qur'an. Every Sunday 1-3pm on the balcony. For more information please contact Sr Fatima at 508-723-6597

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General Activities

Monthly potlucks

Health Expo

Sisters Hikes

Organized closed swimming

New mom meetups

Cooking classes

Museum trips

Beach days

How to Support

The sisters' programs are funded through contributions from the community. We ask sisters who partake in our activities regularly to make a contribution of $100 to help fund future programs and events, insha’Allah. Donations can be made at



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