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“O my Lord, advance me in knowledge”

Allah will raise in rank those of you who have faith and those who have been given knowledge.
                                              (Sūrat al-Mujādilah, No 58, Āyat 11)

Principal: Dr. Ismael Fofana

978-394-6919 (text Only)

Asst. Principal: Br. Umair Zia

Allah SWT, the creator of all that Exists, is Al-Ghaniyy (The Self-Sufficient One) who is free from any need while the Creation is poor and in constant need of the help of the Creator. Al-Itqaan Sunday school at the Worcester Islamic Center aims to foster student development into God-conscientious individuals who place the worship of Allah SWT at the center of their existence. Moreover, the school aims at building exemplary citizens who are excellent in character and in harmony with the Islamic faith as well as the global society. Al-Itqaan Sunday School’s primary goal is to help the students develop a strong relationship with their Creator, Allah SWT, through steadiness in worship and love of the Quran. Secondly, the school's ambition is to nurture the growth of self-aware, ever-repentant, and selfless youngsters who dedicate their life to promoting the well-being of all people around them and beyond.

The Al-Itqaan Sunday school program has an ongoing commitment to provide Quran and Islamic Studies education with a focus on “Excellence in Character, Perfection in Action.” Al-Itqaan has an annual enrollment for boys and girls ages 6-15. With 124 students, an approximate 10 to 1 student per teacher ratio is maintained. Please click document below to see the full curriculum for the school. 

Registration Information:

We offer financial aid to deserving students. For financial aid and other registration questions please contact:

Sister Safia at 978-235-0265 or

Sister Fatima at 774-232-1017


Please note that this registration does not guarantee admission. We will contact you to complete registration. Please use appropriate promotion/registration code when registering:


Payment /Promotion codes:

Please select one-time payment or partial payments (4 payments total).

1 Child: total $400 code Sunday1

2 children: Total $700 code Sunday2

3 children: Total $1000 Sunday3

4 children and more: Total $1300 Sunday4

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Basic Rules and Acknowledgement:

By registering your child into Sunday School, you accept and acknowledge the following rules:

1.    I agree that my child-male or female will be dressed according to Islamic dress code and ready for prayer every Sunday.

2.    I am committed to following the rules of the Sunday School along with my child.

3.    I am committed to privately share any special needs for my child and I understand that Al Itqaan may not have the adequate resources for my child.

4.    I agree that if my child violates the rules or becomes a distraction for others that they will be suspended or expelled from Sunday School

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