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Matrimonial Services
Upcoming events

Worcester Islamic Center (WIC) & The Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC) are excited to present a Singles Meet & Greet Matrimonial event. We look forward to hosting a fun-filled afternoon for all the singles ready to mingle in a halal environment.


Contact: WIC.matrimonial

Registration has closed since capacity has been met. Exact Venue & Program Details will be shared with confirmed registrants a week before the event.

Services offered

Worcester Islamic Center (WIC) is honored to help you in the pursuit of a spouse. It is a beautiful journey that ends with half of our faith being completed. WIC offers help and guidance in your search for a spouse in 3 ways:

Matchmaking: By submitting the form below with a payment of $50, we will add you to our database and contact you if we find a suitable match. This way you will also stay informed about our upcoming singles events. We are very proud of the ethnic diversity represented in our database.

In-person Events: Our in-person events have been very popular attracting individuals from the Northeast. The purpose of such events is to provide a respectable, Islamic and comfortable environment for our Muslim youth to meet potential partners. The program consists of ice-breakers, facilitated introductions and an opportunity to meet all other participants in a rotational setting. We host a group of about 80 singles and always try to keep the gender ratio 50:50. Alhamdulillah, we are very blessed that we have had success at such events. Our Matrimonial committee will be on site to answer any questions and provide each participant with a comfortable experience.

Virtual Events: In an effort to broaden the pool of candidates, we host virtual matrimonial events held in collaboration with other communities in North America. These events have allowed us to increase our reach and gain more attendees. We have used many different digital platforms to make our online events interactive. Our creative format makes the program more engaging with breakout sessions to encourage smaller conversations. We continue to strive for a satisfying digital networking and social opportunity. These are the post event metrics after our last event:

  • 120 Attendees

  • 1459 Profile Views

  • 256 Conversations Started

  • 349 Connections Made

  • 50 Video Chats

Please note that all information is kept strictly confidential.
The venue/virtual event link and other program details are sent out to registered participants only. Additionally, this is a Shariah Compliant Matrimonial service offered by WIC under supervision of our Imam.

If you have questions related to Matrimonial services, please email

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