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Our Vision

Our vision is to build an Islamic Center of excellence, where space and functionality is congruent with the thirst for knowledge, spirituality, intellectual engagement, and a strong lasting unity.

Board of Trustees:

Ziad Ramadan, Chairman

Miraj Ahmed, Co-Chairman

Aiman Abdeljaber, Director of Facilities

Saud Javed, Director of Education

Lutfi Karim, Director of Safety and Security

Saqib Syed, Director of Finance

Mohammed Ramzan, Director of Social Services

Executive Committee:

President: Osman Acheampong
Vice President: Zubair Magdum
Vice President: Laila Ramzan
Treasurer: Brother Rafique Awan
Media Relations: Brother Tahir Ali

Funeral Services (Sisters): Dr. Shamim Ahmed

Funeral Services (Brothers): Yasir Afghen

Boys Youth Coordinator: Mujahid Kazi

Girls Youth Coordinator: Aleesha Swan
Web & IT: Zubair Magdum

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