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Community Resources

WIC Administration and religious committee has compiled a list of community resources who can assist our community members. If you have any specific areas of inquiry aside from these, please contact WIC at Please refer to the following list:

Mental Health Counseling

Sister Imaani Ali

Sister Maliha Malik


Religious guidance:
The AMJA fatwa hotline:
(916) 239 – 6233

Nikaah requests:
Hafith Uthman Ladan +1 (646) 248-1240
Hafith Shahbaz Raja +1 (401) 225-1526

Janazah preparation:
Dr. Shameem for sisters +1 (508) 579-8102
Br. Yasser for brothers +1 (617) 803-3288

By Imam Asif Hirani

By Imam Asif Hirani

By Imam Asif Hirani

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