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Our goal is to cater to the youth and their needs so they can be inclined to come to the Masjid. We try to provide them with a fun learning environment that will substitute for the distractions they deal with daily. Once the youth get the love of the Masjid in their hearts they will become obedient to Allah SWT and their parents. The youth are the leaders of the future of the Ummah.
So by the help of Allah SWT we will try and build the skills, manners and morals in them so they can lead as good examples as Muslims and Great Citizens.


Boys youth group: 7:00PM Weeky Halaqa on Saturdays
Girls Youth group: Monthly meetings

General Activities include:

Basketball games
Picnics and BBQs with sports
Trips to Boston
Traveling out of state, etc

YG Giving Back:

The youth have found ways to do service for the community as a fun activity and learning to take responsibility. It's not always fun and games for the YG but giving back has become instilled in their hearts.

They provide community service such as:

  • Serving and cleaning at community events.

  • Help daily in Masjid activities Maktab, YG, etc

  • Fundraising and handing out flyers when needed.

  • Weekly visitations to the old and sick.

How to help YG:

  • Keep the Youth in your Duaas Send your kids

  • Encourage not discourage Moral support

  • Sponsor Food

  • Help serve them and show love

  • Come and learn it's never too late!

Contact at:

Boys Youth Group: Munir Baara (857) 259-7369

Girls Youth Group: Alaa Tanteh (774) 312-1957

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  • YouTube

248 East Mountain Street
Worcester, MA 01606

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