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College Prep Program
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For interested high school students:

Worcester Islamic Center is planning to start a unique College Prep program for high school students during this summer. The grand vision of the program is to mentor Muslim students in our communities on how to become successful in High school and achieve acceptance into their dream colleges and universities in the nation. Students who are entering 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades in Massachusetts are eligible to join the program that will have both onsite and online zoom sessions during weekends for total of 4 hours per week. Students will be mentored on how to pursue and excel in extra curricular activities such as robotics, programming, science leagues, sports, speech and debate and arts of their choice. Students will be guided on how to be successful on General SAT and AP exams in chemistry, Biology, Calculus, Economics, Statistics and Physics. Students and parents will be guided  on how to write college essays that stand out, what scholarships to apply and how to navigate the  college application process. Students will be paired up when necessary with Muslim mentors who have been successful and are pursuing their passion in top colleges and universities in the country. In short we intend to develop a mindset of excellence in the young generation of our community. The first program started July 2021.

For those interested please fill the form below.

For any questions you can call Br. Abdulhai 7322089473  or Br. Zubair 5083080408.  

For interested Mentors:

The Program is looking for mentors who are interested in serving our community. Mentors can be students in college, pursuing master’s or PhD, those attending medical, pharmacy, or law school, or professionals who can guide in one of the below areas: 
1.    General SAT, ACT, or AP exams 
2.    College essay writing  
3.    Extracurricular activities: speech, debate, arts, robotics, programming, job shadowing, sports, community service or relief work, science Olympiads, etc. 
4.    Scholarships or financial aid process. 
There are currently 30 students signed up for the program. Through this program we aim to develop the next generation of Muslim scientists, professionals and leaders. If you would like to contribute please fill the application form and contact Br. Abdulhai Abdulla at 732-208-9473 for any questions. We are planning to start the program this Summer, both in-person and online for a total of 4 hours per week. 

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