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WIC Hifz School

The primary purpose of the WIC Hifz School is to allow students (and their parents) the opportunity to memorize the Holy Quran completely. Students will be placed in an environment which fosters the development of their Quranic knowledge. Teachers with the collaboration with parents and community will prepare students to live their lives according to our Islamic values. Students are also encouraged to take part in an annual Quran competition that is held locally and internationally.



The school is in session all year and registration is year round. 

September to May: Mon-Thu from 4:00 pm till 6:00 pm.  

Potential Student tracks:

Qaidah: This track will help students who are new to the Arabic alphabet or basics of reading.  They will learn how to read (Al-Qawa'id an-Nuraniyah). The primary focus is to enhance the reading skills of the student and help them recite the book of Allah fluently.


Naazirah: This track is designed to help students to learn how to read the Qur’an properly and to improve their recitation with proper tajweed. Students that are very fluent with reading will begin their journey of memorization.


Memorization: This track will help each student to learn the methodologies that are required to memorize the Quran and then retain it after their memorization is completed. A pre-requisite to beginning the memorization journey is that the student can read from the Qur’an independently.

Contact information:

Hafiz Othman Ladan (Program director): (646) 248-1240 / 

To complete your registration please call or email 774-503-1380/ 




Quran Competition Participation

Every year the students have the opportunity to participate in multiple Quran competitions both locally and internationally. Alhumdulilah the WIC program has multiple winners for these competitions over the past few years. 

Tajweed Academy Quran competition 2020

3rd place: Shayann Ahmed  


Muslim youth of America Quran competition 2022

2nd place: Shayaan Ahmed

3rd place: Abdul Raheem  

4th place: Ibrahim Badmos

Below are some picture from previous Quran school celebration nights and competitions:

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