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Eid Festivities

Eid Al Adha will be on Saturday July 9th, 2022

We host 2 prayer times. The first at 7:30AM (takbeer starts at 7:00AM) and the second at 10:00AM (takbeer starts at 9:30AM). 

Qurbani: If you need help with doing your Qurbani, please register by clicking the button.


Additional Parking locations: 

1)    Salem Covenant church: 215 East Mountain St Worcester MA

2)    UMASS Memorial (Old FedEx): 100 Century Drice Worcester MA

3)    Chacharone Properties/Old Allegro - 115 NE Cutoff, Worcester, MA 01606

Please bring your family and friends to the Worcester Islamic Center for Eid prayers at 248 East Mountain St Worcester MA. Both prayers are prayed inside. After prayers, the center will host a social hour with light refreshments and activities for the children. We hope to see you there.


Take a look at the pictures below from our previous Eid prayers along with an article written by the local Worcester news agency.

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