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Virtues of Keeping the Masjid Clean

Narrated by Abu Dawood (455), al-Tirmidhi (594) and Ibn Maajah (759) that ‘Aa’ishah said:


"The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) commanded that mosques be built among houses and that they be cleaned and perfumed.”

― Classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Tirmidhi, no. 487.  

Zero Tolerance for Vandalism Policy

Activities at WIC & Use of Premises:

All members of the community are welcome and encouraged to host any activity they wish in the WIC facility. In order to serve our community best, we ask that if you have an idea, something to teach, or some activity you wish to host, please submit your request to for consideration and to verify space/time slot availability.
The following terms apply to all activities:

1) All activities must meet standard Islamic values.

2) All activities must be scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis. No activity can be moved, rescheduled, or canceled for another, except with consent of the activity host.

3) All activities must be open to all Muslims with no discrimination on any basis. These exceptions may apply: Some activities may be co-ed, and others may be for specific to brothers only or sisters only. An age group may be specified, however adults may enter and attend any youth activity. Language for the activity may be specified. Activities may be open to non-Muslims if desired. However, no Muslim must be barred from any activity whether within the advertisement of it, or execution of it.

4) Small, impromptu meetings are permitted without a rental charge, however they must only be held in open, public areas such as the social hall, prayer hall, or cafeteria. Library and office spaces are reserved for pre-booked activities and WIC Administration meetings only.

5) Any activity or event that is private or has restrictions on its participants is considered a rental and will incur a rental fee. Rentals are at the discretion of the Executive Committee and other terms and conditions apply. Rental fees are: $100 Library, $300 Cafeteria, $500 Social Hall, $1,000 Upstairs. All rentals are subject to cleaning fees and deposits which are payable in advance. rentals are subject to approval and fees may change.

6) Membership in any group using the WIC facility must be open to all Muslims.

7) Each activity must have a host or leader. Such leader will be given access to the area in use. Hosts/leaders are responsible for keeping the space clean and in orderly condition, and restoring it after use to its original condition. Furnishings must be replaced to their original location after each use.

8) Communication with the Executive Committee is required regarding the schedule of your activity. For instance, when there is a cancellation or change in time or location, this must be emailed to at the earliest to prevent schedule conflicts, and so that the community newsletter can be updated in a timely fashion. All activities must be openly advertised to the WIC community unless they are private rentals.

9) If there is a major WIC event in the facility, you will be notified and asked to cancel or postpone your activity during that time.

10) No activities may be scheduled during Sunday School (10:00 AM – 1:30 PM) without the prior written consent of the Sunday School Principal. Also, no activities may interfere with Alhuda Academy’s regular use of the facility.

11) No fundraising is allowed during activities without prior consent of the Board of Directors, and all activities happening within WIC premises are affiliated with, advertised by, and hosted by WIC, unless a rental fee is paid.

12) While we highly encourage any activity and intend to approve all logistically feasible requests, final discretion regarding any activity is with the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.

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