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WIC Sustainers Campaign - Kick Off!

Alhamdolillah, we at WIC are expanding physically and spiritually at a great pace. We are having high quality exciting programs and activities at our center with increased number of brothers, sisters and children attending these events. However, the expansion brings with it an ultimate need to sustain these quality programs logistically and financially. While we are working very hard to keep our commitment of paying off the QardeHasna to our donors and running the routine operations to meet our ever growing maintenance needs, but analyzing the enormity of our center and it's activities, we realize that we need a better strategy to keep our center viable and sustainable. With this in mind we are embarking upon a "WIC Sustainers Campaign" to increase the number of individuals and families enrolled for auto withdrawals through your bank or credit card accounts. I should mention that, No amount is big or small. You can contribute anywhere from $10/month to $1000/month depending upon what you can afford. The key to success is to contribute consistently in a dependable fashion like Sadqa-e-Jaariya. Between now and Ramadan I and our financial team will reach out to you to solicit these contributions and we hope that as always you will be as generous as ever to help us meet our target to sustain our center financially, and take it even beyond the current level of activities and improve it's appearance to make it one of the most attractive and vibrant centers in America, Insha Allah.

Jazakum Allahu Khairen

Muhammad Ramzan President, Worcester Islamic Center

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